How long does it take to write a dissertation?

How long does it take to write a dissertation? This question doesn’t have any definitive answers. If it is simply a matter of typing, then you could probably finish your dissertation in a matter of hours.

However, that assumes that you are typing what you already know and that isn’t the case for dissertations that expect you to make discoveries. You are always discouraged from waiting until the last few months to get to work.

how long to write a dissertation

The time it will take you to complete your dissertation will depend on factors such as:

1). The amount of free time you have to sink into the dissertation. Some students have all the time in the world to work on their dissertations. Others have to juggle adult responsibilities.

2). The time it takes you to execute the research stage. Sometimes the circumstances of a subject force a student to take longer than they expected on the research stage. But you can always tackle other sections of the dissertation even as you carry out your research.

3). The time it takes your advisor and the committee members to review your work and provide feedback. Committee members and advisors have been known to drag their feet.

If everything you’re doing goes according to plan, you could finish your dissertation in eighteen months or even a year.

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But before you can worry about the amount of time it will take you to finish your dissertation, you should first consider the work that must go into producing a proposal.

How Long, Does It Take To Prepare The Proposal?

This is where the work starts. You need to pick an area of interest and then perform the preliminary research required to narrow your options down to a particular research question.

This question must be presented to your dissertation advisor who must approve it before you can write the proposal that you will submit to the committee. A proposal must clearly state the research question.

how long does it take to write a dissertation proposal

The proposal must also justify the relevance of the research question. Do not be surprised if the committee members ask you to do rewrites on more than one occasion.

You may find that different committee members have varying expectations and agendas, and this might become a stumbling block in your efforts to complete your proposal on time.

But if everything goes according to plan, if your research question is clear and you have made a convincing argument, you could complete your dissertation proposal in a month or even less.

The Research

Once your proposal has been approved, you can proceed to one of the hardest stages of your dissertation. Doing research takes a lot of time. You have to read as many sources on your topic as you can find.

Prioritize recent literature because that is where most teachers place the greatest importance.

And try to realize that the research stage does not merely involve reading. You must also produce a report, a rough draft of your findings. Depending on the speed at which you write, it shouldn’t take you more than two months to produce forty pages of content.

The Methodology

This stage is even more tedious than the previous one which is why it normally takes a year to complete. You have to explain in great detail all the ways you will perform your study. It isn’t enough to simply present the approaches you have chosen.

You must also explain why you chose those particular methods. The writing stage will only take you a month to finish. But once you have produced a draft paper, it must be submitted to the committee whose members will review it and then send it back to you for improvements.

It could take up two months for the committee to review your draft. But if you work hard enough, they will eventually approve it.

The Data

This is where you start collecting data. The time it will take depends on the methodology you have chosen to pursue. Online surveys are the easiest which is why they only take a month or so to complete.

Personal interviews could take up to three months. Once you have all your data, it must be analyzed. Again, the time required will depend on the methodology used. Data collected online can be analyzed in as little as a month.

More intricate methods take far longer. 

The Revision

This is where you bring all your work together in a final draft that you must scrutinize and edit carefully to ensure that it meets all the necessary requirements. Everything matters in a dissertation, even the spelling, and punctuation.

Take a month to fix every single error. Only submit your final draft to the committee if you are absolutely confident in your work.

Dissertations are difficult. This is why so many people use writing services. It eliminates all the hassle. That being said, you don’t require any special talents to write a dissertation.

At the end of the day, if you have the strength of will to persevere, you cannot actually fail to produce a passable dissertation. Find time every single day to work on it.

And the sooner you start the better. Give yourself as much time as possible to do the dissertation.