Building A People Powered 4th District


FB_IMG_1458834434047.jpgEconomic Development

Promote prosperity by fostering the creation and attraction of new
business and retention and expansion of existing business to stimulate
jobs that will improve quality of life in the County.

For example, I am going to advocate for a public bank system that will divest all County money from the Wall Street banks and reinvest those dividends back into the County revenue.  This idea would generate a significant amount of income that can add to the County revenue stream.

Transparency and Accountability

Create open and honest government by making operations easy to understand,
more accessible, and being responsible to the public for actions taken by
being able to explain, clarify and justify actions.

For example, I will host town hall meetings that will move around the district that will inform and engage constituents on County issues, services and concerns.  Further, I will expect my constituents to hold me accountable as THEIR REPRESENTATIVE for all actions I vote on and stances I take on their behalf.

Increase Civic Engagement

Create and leverage partnerships and resources in order to make a
difference in the lives of residents through
conversation, education, and action.

For example, I would encourage constituents to engage with me int he district at various community spaces.  Further, I will have an open door policy for residents to come learn about THEIR County government.

Health Initiatives 

Work on decreasing patient wait times at Cook County Hospital,
while creating health initiatives
that will support healthy families and communities.

For example, I am going to advocate that the County utilize it's natural resources in a more efficient and effective way that contributes to the health of all residents and their families by encourage family togetherness, health and well-being activities.


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